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We currently have sow and piglet American Guinea Hogs available. Registered and non registered available. We also have a unique opportunity to offer bottle raised full blooded Mangalitsa piglets for sale.

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The American Guinea Hog


  American Guinea Hogs are the ultimate Homesteaders pig. They forage well for their own food and require very little feed and care. They were one of the original pigs brought to America for the family farmer. They closely resemble a wild boar and are very hardy, docile, and self-sufficient pigs. They were almost lost after the industrialization of farming in the 70s as they take longer to mature and do not reach the size of industrial pigs.. The only reason the breed survived was because a few people were keeping them for pets and petting zoos. With the new rise in traditional homestead farming the American Guinea Hog is making a comeback as people are rediscovering the amazing benefits of the breed. They produce a dark red marbled meat that has tremendous flavor. They are also a great lard producer which is extremely useful on a homestead. Lard is far healthier than shortening and taste far better, and it can be used to make candles, heat sources, and can even preserve meat by making pemmican. When you find a hog with delicious tasting meat, has the ability to forage for its own food, has a great cost to production ratio, and is docile enough to be around kids you know you have a great homesteaders pig.   

American Guinea Hogs For Sale

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