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Wooded Acres Farm

We are Expecting Nigerian Dwarfs and Mini Alpines starting in March 2019

Please contact us for more information. 

The Goats


Our Goats

 We raise Mini Alpine Dairy Goats, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, and mixed breed meat goats.. Our favorite is our Miniature Alpines Star and Midnight. We feel that they are a great combination of both good milk producers and compact low feed ratio dairy goats. Their milk is a wonderful mixture between the high butter fat content of the Nigerian Dwarf and the higher milk production of the Alpine. Their milk is delicious, sweet, and healthy.. Our Full Blooded Nigerian Dwarf milk is delicious as well but we prefer the higher yield of the Mini Alpines. Now that we have been drinking our own goat milk for some time now whenever our kids drink store bought cow milk they ask us what is wrong with the milk. It is amazing how after eating healthy, clean, medication free food how bad store bought food taste. Our meat goats are crosses between Kiko, Boar, Nubian, and Myotonic. Goat meat is unfortunately overlooked as a great tasting meat. When raised right it taste like a mild lamb meat..


  Amanda is the main milker and the girls love her. Whenever she is not there the girls act different and do not produce as much milk. We bottle raise our dairy goats so they are more like pets than livestock. They become attached to their owners and will follow you anywhere.  They love cuddling and even want to sit in your lap. Even if not used for milk Dairy Goats make wonderful pets and land clearing champions.   

  We offer registered baby Nigerian Dwarfs and Mini Alpines, and non registered meat goat kids for sale primarily in the spring. We do on occasion have baby goats/kids for sale throughout the year. Contact us or visit our for sale page for current availability.. 


Babies on the Farm

  As with all our babies on the farm Johnmark and Aubrey are front and center.  These little Nigerian Dwarf bucklings were born earlier that day. The kids waste no time in socializing the newcomers on the farm.. Please visit our For Sale Page for more detail on planned kidding and baby goats/Kids for sale. 

  Members of the American Dairy Goat Association, the Miniature Dairy Goat Association, and the American Goat Society.