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Wooded Acres Farm

We are no longer in Business

 We are no longer in Business. We are moving to Alaska to be missionaries in rural Interior Alaska.  

Maremma LGD

Our Maremmas

  Our Maremma Livestock Guard Dogs were carefully picked from great working lines with wonderful backgrounds, and blood lines. Even at a very early age our Maremma sheepdogs were protecting the farm by walking fence lines and patrolling throughout the day. At only six months old, our Sire Thor killed his first predator while protecting the stock. Although we love our dogs they are not pets. Both our Dam and Sire are active working dogs and we have strived to keep them as such. They are loving and caring with a strong protective instinct and our farm wound not be the same without them. Our Sire is Thor and our Dam is Athena. Without the care, devotion, and natural guardian instincts exhibited by our Maremmas our farm would not be the same.. We offer Maremma puppies for sale in Virginia and all the US. Willing to offer Maremma sheepdog puppy sales to other countries with additional shipping fees. We also offer direct delivery on an individualized basis for an additional travel fee. 

  Proud Members of the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America     

About Maremma LGDs

  Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs are an Italian breed of LGDs. Known in Italy as Maremmano Abruzzese they have been guarding livestock for thousands of years.  They have been kept off of the AKC registry in order to preserve their natural guardian instinct and to prevent them from becoming pets and show dogs such as what happened to the Great Pyrenees.. They are registered only through the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America in order to preserve their natural work ethic. Maremmas are natural livestock protectors and are always working to keep the place safe. They will work independently or in pairs to protect the farm. They have been used as guard dogs for sheep, goats, lamas, alpacas, pigs, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, cows, horses, and all sorts of farm animals. The breed is still new to the country and there are very few breeders. We feel proud to be a part of the development of this great and hardworking dog breed. We hope to create an even stronger blood line through smart and ethical breeding..   

Maremmas For Sale and Stud Services

  Along with offering Maremma livestock guardian puppies and dogs for sale we also offer Maremma Stud Services here in Boones Mill Virginia..  Please see our For Sale Page for details concerning available puppies, planned litters, and stud services..