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Miniature Jersey Cow For Sale

Miniature Jersey Heifer For Sale


Clairabell is our super sweet 27 month old Registered Miniature Jersey Heifer that is For Sale. 

Asking $2,000


DNA testing on file at UC Davis.

Ready for breeding 

Registered Miniature Jersey


Great tempered and sweet Miniature Jersey cow for sale. Please contact use with any questions. 

Clairabell as a Calf


Clairabell as a Calf


Clairabell as a Calf


The Extras


Chickens, Ducks, and Turkey

  The poultry part of our farm is also a very important part of the homestead cycle.  They produce an endless supply of chicken eggs and also serve their purpose as meat producers. They are also extremely useful at ridding the yard of insects. Ticks are very seldom found on the farm. They have also proven useful with our compost production. Along with providing manure, along with all the other animals, the chickens also turn the compost in search of bugs and edible treats within the compost pile.  This daily turning all while depositing new manure aids in the compost production.   



  Our meat rabbits were one of the first additions to the farm and have proven extremely valuable over time. It is said that rabbits are the number one meat producing animals when compared to cost involvement dollar for dollar. That being said a rabbit will out produce a cow cost effectively. Our meat rabbits are New Zealand and Californian crosses.  They produce a fast growing large meat rabbit. Rabbits produce an extremely large amount of delicious meat with very little cost involvement. The meat is very low in cholesterol and fat, and high in protean.  Although I hate to compare any meat to chicken our rabbit meat is much like chicken. It has a richer but comparable taste as chicken and it has the same texture as chicken. Amanda has on more than one occasion had people over for “chicken casserole” and everyone raved about the delicious chicken. Most of these people would have never even tried rabbit. Although the rabbits are a very small part of our farm they are a crucial part that provides endless protein for the family.   



  Jack is the newest addition to the farm.  He is our miniature Jerusalem Donkey. While he provides nothing more than manure production to the farm he has been a great addition none the less. The kids love him as much as he loves them and has provided much family enjoyment. He wants nothing more than to be with the kids and the sound of their voices triggers the good ole donkey bray. He lets them climb on his back and lead him around; all the while he is a perfect gentleman.   

For information regarding chickens, ducks, turkeys, eggs, Honey, or rabbits for sale visit our For Sale Page 


Miniature Jersey Cow

We are excited to have just added Clairabell, our First Miniature Jersey Cow. She has been a great addition to the farm and we cannot wait till she starts producing milk. We will be able to offer our first registered miniature jersey for sale in 2019..


Mangalitsa pigs

Sorry but we no longer sell Mangalitsa pigs